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“Donations received enable them to receive vital help with their work”

Charitable Support for the energy impoverished

Close to our hearts is the fact that according to a study done in 2016 by World Energy Outlook, 16 percent of the world’s population (1.2 billion people) are still living without electricity and as such are unable to benefit not only from the basis of needs such as warmth and light but are further detrimentally impacted as there is a direct synergy with the lack (or absence) of education and as such, the ability for the whole world to benefit from technology (which obviously in turn is powered by electricity). Providing solutions for energy-impoverished areas requires a change in mindset, infrastructure, economic strategy and inventiveness.

We support various charities who have experience in designing and delivering projects to demonstrate new and innovative ways to tackle fuel poverty. Working in partnership with local authorities, housing associations, the health sector, organisations such as ourselves and other public and private organisations, their projects influence strategic development; enhance delivery capabilities and bring affordable light and warmth to communities.

Donations received enable them to receive vital help with their work with the energy impoverished and we ask you to please help us to help them by providing your support too.

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